Slut Process: Full Circle

December 29, 2011

A few years ago, X asked me to start a blog to record my thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears, and just about everything and anything to do with my ‘slut journey

At the time, I was shy and awkward, practically afraid to say cunt or admit I’m a slut and I really want this. I mean, I knew I was and that I did want it, but actually saying it out loud was a different story (ahem, lets blame it on the facts that I was living at home with my parents [with my bedroom next to theirs] at the time, and X and I were so used to being in constant written contact, I was used to discussing being a slut but not actually saying the words lol).


It has been quite a journey!

I went from being a shy little girl to being a confident, out-there-and-proud slut. A bitch on heat so happy with (and proud of) her whorish ways she gladly revealed far more than words! I went from secretly writing blog entries and jumping every time I heard someone walking near by the room I was in, to being splashed all over the internet.. Showing off pics and vids, doing live cam shows, taking requests etc.

Quite the transformation, no?

Now, in terms of the feelings involved and the sense of pride, nothing has changed.

But like I’ve always said, I’m on a slut journey.

I feel like the place I’m at now – wanting to keep things a bit more private – is sort of coming full circle. Going from being shy, to being blatant, to now cherishing my sluttiness but knowing that it doesn’t have to be the main thing that defines me. It doesn’t have to be in everyone’s faces. It doesn’t have to be put out there, all the time, for everyone…

Sort of like… My slutty nature is a gift to be cherished, right… To be used properly, utilised and appreciated.

It’s not for everyone (to see and/or experience), and it’s not the main thing about me… But it is constant and influences my everyday life… I like to think that it’s the sparkle in my eyes. I can either put myself out there as basically a free hooker, or I can be that intriguing young lady with a very naughty glimmer in her eyes which guys simply can’t wait to discover ;)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that right now I want to be discovered, unwrapped, explored — more than I want to show it all off and be defined by it.

Make sense?

Full circle


Public vs Private

December 18, 2011

Hi everyone,

As I’m sure a lot of you have figured out already… My focus has been changing.

I feel like at the point I’m at in my life, and with where I want to be, I want and need to take charge and fully assess what I’m putting out there.

I LOVE all the dirty naughty things I get up to, and sharing my experiences with everyone.


When it comes to the many photos and videos of me – not just on here, but on porn sites and such – I need to take a step back and not put myself out there so blatantly and clearly. For now at least. Therefore, I’m going to take down things that identify me too clearly. At some point I will probably get around to uploading edited versions of those files but for now I just kind of want to ‘disappear’ from these sites and be able to focus on the other important things in my life.

We all know I’m a slut at heart ;)

it’s just that right now I want to be a slut in private rather than all over the internet! Lol.

I probably won’t post much here for the time being but I love all o’ y’all and will be in touch whenever it feels right :)



November 30, 2011

Hey y’all

I am alive!!

Will update soon… Lots of new pics ;)


Slut task: fucked by strangers

October 15, 2011

A couple of weeks ago X set me the task of finding someone dirty and nasty to fuck me like a slut that weekend…

Very happily accepted that task lol

I posted an ad online looking for nasty kinky peeps to pound me hehe loved reading all the responses ;) .. Wound up meeting up with a slightly older man who lives fairly close to me. I told him I wanted to be fucked like a naughty cock craving slut and basically treated like a piece of meat haha he happily obliged.

He started feeling me up the moment I stepped foot in his apartment. He grabbed me, kissed me, ran his hands all over my body … I was already soaked when I arrived but instantly got even wetter as he groped me like a whore. I was soon naked in his lounge, bent over a couch so he could feel my holes and I could suck his cock. We moved to a bedroom upstairs and I lay with my legs spread and cunt wide open as he continued examining my body and enjoying the eager fuckmeat presented before him.

To be honest… The night is a bit of a blurry wet dream for me, everything blended into one horny memory lol I go somewhere else when I’m being shared, being used. It’s like being on a huge natural high. Omg. I get so buzzed from being a slut haha ;) Annnnyway. I remember.. Him telling me to spread my cunt wide and make myself cum, kneeling on the bed and sucking his cock, him playing with my cunt, me showing him what a desperate bitch on heat I turn into when I play with my wand… Moaning like a whore, talking about me being shared.. And then speaking to his friend and convincing him to get out of bed and come over to fuck me too.

When the friend arrived I was spread out on the bed with my vibrating wand buzzing away at my cunt. I was squirming and panting and moaning like a whore, driving myself crazy but not letting myself cum, showing them both exactly what I am. I remember having the wand on my clit while they pounded my fuckhole with a vibe. I remember them being rough (hot!!!) – slapping me and grabbing me, lightly choking me, smacking and playing with my red raw cunt.

Oh yeah… I went there after being used hard for a few days – my cunt was literally red raw and hot to touch, but still sopping wet. Being used by two strangers when I couldn’t even shut my legs properly, having them go to town on my cunt and talk about how sore I looked.. DAMN. So hot.

I went straight over to X’s when we finished up. I offered him my sore, tender lil red hole. I was beyond wet. No surprises there hehe. My cunt was so sensitive it felt like it was buzzing.. I was a bit jittery when He reached out to feel just how wet I was. So raw I was kinda scared knowing he was going to fuck me soon and that he’d definitely pound me lol. But you know… Daddy likes hurting me sometimes ;) and I like him hurting me, using me like that, continuing to touch me and play while I squirm .. That cheeky knowing look on his face that says “This is my property, I’ll do whatever I want with her” haha I like that he enjoys seeing the tears in my eyes, knowing I’m in pain but will still do whatever he wants.

Later on X had me on my back with my legs spread wide so he could tease my cunt as much as he wanted. At first I was sensitive and squirmy, but within moments I was too wet and too desperate to notice at all. Instead I was begging, writhing around and thanking Daddy for playing with my holes, craving his cock shoved deep inside me. He moved between my legs and got ready to use me then slapped my clit with his cock. Over and over. He got me on the verge of cumming then slid his cock down my cunt, teasing my hole then back up to my clit. It kinda hit me what a whore I am lol so desperate for him that all he has to do is slap his cock on my cunt and I’m literally begging to cum. Love that! Fiiiinally (lol) he fucked me and OMFG…!!! I need to get shared around when I’m raw and hurting more often! Daddy’s cock inside me felt AH-MAY-ZING. Like cum in 3 seconds amazing lol.

All in all an awesome night and a task I thoroughly enjoyed completing! X is currently talking to the main guy involved, arranging a couple of things to do with me. Can’t wait! I loved the way he used me and want to know what else he has up his sleeve hehe.

You can view a few pics from that night on my tumblr account


Pics from last weekend ;)

October 1, 2011

Slut whore

What would you do? Hehe

Being a slut for a tradie

September 13, 2011

Last week a friend of mine asked me to do him a favour, and being the nice girl I am I said yes. He just needed me to let a tradesman into his apartment which he is currently redoing. No problemo. I was a bit bored there, so X and I pretty much talked dirty while I killed time waiting for the person to arrive. He instructed me to spread my legs and take a photo of my soaking cunt and send it to him… And you know I’m a good obedient slut, so of course I did it ;) and then he let me make myself cum… Made a mess of my friends couch, and X said to leave it there! So… The apartment smelt like sexxxx. Hot!

Finally, the door buzzed. And in walked a super tall (6’4 or so?) ethnic middle eastern dude with an amazing body covered in tatts. I messaged X straight away saying “OMG! I want to fuck this guy!!!” He was such a flirt. Straight away he started talking about dirty stuff, telling me about himself and how much he loves to fuck and asking me about my life and stuff, if I’m single etc. I said yes. He’s getting married in 2 weeks. At one point, he told me I’m a good girl and he’s proud of me… Anyone who knows me, knows that makes me go weak!

My heart was pounding. I gave him my number, he said he wanted to hook up with me. As he went to leave, he said he “couldn’t figure out the door” so I stood up to let him out… He looked into my eyes. It was on. I leaned in and kissed him.

We started making out, grinding up against each other. He asked me how long we had, and I cheekily pointed to the keys and said “well… I have the only set of keys to this apartment, so, my friend can’t get back inside…” His eyes lit up. He felt up my legs, put his hand on the outside of my panties and started feeling my cunt. I squirmed down onto his fingers, enjoying his touch and moaning into his mouth. I felt his cock through his clothes and leaned into his body. It was intense.

He played with my cunt some more – making the apartment smell even more like sex – and managed to get me off pretty easily! I leaned down onto the bed, wanting his cock immediately! He was already hard. I got his cock out. Very pleasantly surprised! Big, fat, cut, rock hard and just begging for my mouth. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth and eagerly sucked him off. He moaned and thrust into my mouth, playing with my hair. He came in my mouth and I swallowed down his biiiig load. I licked my lips and looked up at him.

He wanted to go down on me but I felt a bit awkward (unrelated reason) so he got me off with his hands again as we continued to make out.

I wanted to fuck him sooooo badly but knew I couldn’t, so I announced that we were in my friends apartment and couldn’t do this there, and he should leave and call me soon. I opened the door… He kissed me again and brushed his fingers up against my cunt. I was standing in the doorway of a friends apartment, legs spread, having my cunt played with by a stranger.

SO HOT!!!!!!

When I went to drop the keys off to my friend, he sprung straight away that I’d hooked up with the tradie! Another friend was with him at the time – she announced that I’d just lived out a fantasy that so many people have. I smirked and said, “well, I never really fantasised about it… But I just did it fo realz!” lol. I love that I can be open with my friends about this sort of thing and they don’t think it’s bad or disgusting or anything like that.

I hope he calls me. I want to hook up with him again. I want to fuck him. I want his cock inside me!

And you know what I’ve realised?? I don’t even know his name!

Such a slut ;)

Can’t wait for X to get home tomorrow!!!

X is away…

September 10, 2011

X is currently overseas. He left about a week ago, he gets back on Wed… Man he has me well trained! I’ve been a very good girl, obsessively cleaning and maintaining the apartment just how he likes it. That’s probably one of the main areas where we’re opposites — he’s OCD when it comes to cleaning, whereas I’m more relaxed (let’s blame it on me growing up with cleaners, never even picking up a vacuum until I was almost 20! EEK!). But he has been training me well! I think he’d be really happy if he saw how well I’ve been looking after things while he’s gone.

I guess it’s a way to feel connected to him… He’s sort of in the middle of nowhere, dealing with a family matter.. Basically out of contact, no emails or calls or anything. We’ve never really gone without talking like this when on good terms! My friends think we’re weird because we are in constant contact, all day every day… And now we’re just getting a couple of sms texts per day. Feels weird!

But ya know what, as much as I miss him… I love how it builds the anticipation to see him! ;)

Can’t wait for Him to get back


Sucking cock like an owned whore

August 27, 2011

Step by step instructions for making her suck cock like an owned whore:

It starts with him on his back and her on all-fours leaning over his body while she sucks cock. Hot!

But then…

  1. Make her spread her legs
  2. And keep her arse in the air
  3. Move her arms so she is holding her elbows behind her back
  4. Play with her cunt
  5. Tell her she isn’t allowed to squirm or move around
  6. Tease her clit until she’s soaking wet and moaning onto your cock
  7. Bring her to the edge
  8. Tell her she can’t cum
  9. Then force her to gag as you shove your cock down her throat

End result? A desperate, helpless bitch at your mercy unable to do anything but suck harder and obey her Owner.


Graphic Sexual Horror (Insex doco)

August 21, 2011

So… We just watched Graphic Sexual Horror – a doco on Insex.

To be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about it.

It wasn’t what I was expecting. It made me feel.. Creepy. Icky.

You know, I’m into some pretty dark stuff. We don’t need to go into my fucked up kinks, fetishes, interests lol.. But, I don’t know… It’s not that I think that stuff is circumstantial — Just. I think, maybe, it needs to be done in a certain way.

The insex guy just seemed psycho, creepy. Like a crackpot obsessed with and inspired by serial killers who was somehow charismatic enough to turn an almost rape factory into a business haha I mean I know it was consensual and all that but he took it too far and didn’t run it in a way that ummm… I would be comfortable with [in?]


X just says it should make me feel lucky I have him,  glad I’m his haha — so true!

… But we both already knew that ;)

(*Note: having thought about it for a week… I’m not sure I was in the right frame of mind to watch the doco… Maybe I would have a different reaction to it if I watched it in a different situation, while in a different mood – but in the mood I was in, at the time I watched it, it made my skin crawl… If you watch it, let me know what you think!! x)

Time for adventures

July 30, 2011

I feel restless. Not with anything specific, more with life…

I want adventure. Adventures. I want to travel and have random escapades.

New York is calling my name.



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